I would like to introduce Medinest as an emerging Indian Online Art gallery offering original paintings.

Abstract, Realistic, Digital, acrylic art, etc. The online gallery showcases the finest of positive art, which not only adds a touch of class to your home or office, and also fills it with a positive, energizing vibration. The Vision of the website is to provide quality artwork through innovation and Research. Now I would like to give you a short description of the types of paintings I am working with. I use, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and other art stuffs in paintings.

Medinest uses the best professional ARTIST GRADE canvas and paints so you can always be assured you are getting a gallery quality piece - You will never find me cutting corners (even in this economy) with cheap plaster/joint compound/home improvement store bulk paint OR machine made flimsy canvases, mine are hand stretched with premium canvas and stretcher bars.

Medinest has used stylized images of rivers, trees, birds and symbolic shapes in my vividly colored, acrylic paintings.

Medinest providesl online art gallery specialized in selling original paintings signed by me Rachana Thakur. I hope my art can lift your spirit! My aim is to create paintings and prints with the belief that art can inspire people, make a house a home, and bring joy and positive energy into the world!

My paintings are a way to express my inner vision in what I call my symbolic language. I like to take shapes, lines, textures and colors to create a world from the imagination.

The original paintings offered by Medinest are for your lifestyle compromising, home, office, restaurants etc. You could place an order of the painting you wish to buy through this site or you can contact me directly on the email id.